This is a site for the two famous Hungarian actor,  the most significant one of the twentieth century, Latinovits Zoltán, called The King of Actors (Színészkirály) & Ruttkai Éva, his partner on the scene and in the life too.

Latinovits Zoltán was born in Budapest, on 09. September 1931, in his mother, Gundel Katalin’s family-house (this was a very famuos family in Budapest, maybe you know the Gundel Restaurant), becouse his father, Latinovits Oszkár abandoned his mother before his birth. In 1941 Gundel Katalin married Frenreisz Istvan, a doctor, with whom she had two more children, Bujtor István (1942– 2009), an actor too and Frenreisz Károly (1946–), who is a rock-musician.

He began his school career in 1937, when he was enrolled to the Damjanich Street Primary School in Budapest, and graduated with excellent results in 1949 at the Szent Imre Gimnázium (St. Emery Secondary School). He became a carpenter and worked for a bridge building firm. He was substitute basketball player for Haladás SE from 1951, and was also a good sailor. From 1952 he studied at the Technical University of Budapest and became involved in a drama group. He became a civil engineer in 1956. In the same year he went to Csokonai Theater in Debrecen.

He started his professional acting career after various stints in student and amateur productions.
1956-1959. Debrecen, Csokonai Theatre.
1959-1961. Miskolc, National Theatre.
1961-1962. Debrecen, Csokonai Theatre.
1962-1966. Vígszínház (Comedy Theatre). One of his most successful roles performed there was Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet in 1963, playing with Ruttkai Éva.
1966-1968. Thália Theatre.
1969-1971. Vígszinház.
19671-1976. Veszprém, Petőfi Theatre, where he was able to realise his long time dream of being able to direct.
One of the best performer of the poetry of József Attila, Illyés Gyula and Ady Endre.

In 1960 Latinovits met Ruttkai Éva, who were already a known actress in the capital. They two are called even now the dream-couple.

Latinovits Zoltán died in 1976, between unclarified circumstances.

Ruttkai Éva (December 31, 1927 – September 27, 1986) was a Hungarian actress, well known from her work on stage, cinema, and television productions. She was the wife of GÁBOR Miklós, and later Latinovits Zoltán.

Ruttkai Éva (born Éva Russ) was born on 31 December 1927, in Budapest, as the sixth child (though only she, and her brothers Iván and Ottó reached adulthood). The family had hard time to make a living. The two brothers already worked as child actors, with Ruttkai following them from age 2. With her brother Iván she worked in the Vígszínház theatre, then in the children theatre of Artúr Lakner, where Ruttkai could work together with well-known actors like DARVAS Lili or SOMLAY Artúr. Gaining the attention of Dániel Jób, director of the Vígszínház, she was contracted at age 16, playing there until her death (except for 1948–51, playing in the National Theatre). She married Gábor Miklós in 1950, giving birth to a daughter, Júlia, two years later. Meeting Latinovits Zoltán in 1960 during rehearsals, they lived together until Latinovits’s death.

In 1984, Ruttkai was diagnosed with breast cancer. Half a year after her last stage appearance, she died on 27 September 1986.

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